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Hi there, my name is Andrea, im an italian man, 38 years old and this blog is dedicated to all the ladyboy lovers like me, or better say, as called nowadays as trans oriented man! Did you ever heard about this term before? Yeah, maybe not! Whats that means?!? Lets, skip it for now, i don’t wanna bore you with tha yet! In this website i will be introducing into the world of ladyboys. I’ll do my best to satisify your curiosity, revealing you things about how to date a ladyboys that really few people know! Who am i to tell you all of this? And why should you trust and following my next talks? Well, i had many love stories with trans women in the past. With locals TS from italy, and in the past years i decided to date ladyboys from Asia only! In the next weeks, trough my website i will tell you why i ended to love more ladyboy from Asia than Westerners. But not only, I’ll guide you to discover how and where to meet them, best places and resources to find the ladyboy of your dreams, tips for your relationship, what a ladyboy expect from a man, and how to make it last long and much more else.

And more than most… Why the Asia and Asian Labyoys will make you literally go crazy and enthusiast of having one, and knowing more of them. Belive me, there is the paradise somewhere in this world, and if you like ladyboys, i tell you where to find it 😉

I’m now in a love relationship with an Asian ladyboy. I’ve travelled in Asia and, there i found the girl of my dreams, in Philippines. I can say that im truly happy having a pinay ladyboy girlfriend. And i will tell you why you will love having an Asian ladyboy girlfriend as well. There are so many countries in south est Asia where you can find beautiful ladyboys.Ofcourse starting with Thailand, then Philippines, Korea, Viet nam, China, Singapore, Malaysia and others. These are the countries with he biggest population of ladyboys in the world.

In this blog i will not just share with you my personal experience and knowledge, but as i said above, also guide you discovering this world of T girls that many dreaming on out there, but really few has the guts to make their dreams become reality!

Is it difficult to find love with a Ladyboy?

No if you do know how to, and Yes if you know nothing! But don’t worry, I’ll help you to make it easy, i promise! There are many men who have sexual fantasies about ladyboy, more than what they wouldn’t really admit. Even those who would deny it by all means… sometimes are those who secretly have affairs with ladyboy escorts and prostitutes, while being married with a genetic woman. They are too much afraid of what people could say of them and all social stigmas. sadly the few who would have the balls to make the first step having a love story with a ladyboy, burn their chances because they do the most obvious mistakes.

Your discovering trip of ladyboy is about to start

This is from where i wanna start to share with you something important. The first step of your journey into the ladyboy world.

I also was one of those men afraid of the others opinion in the past. Afraid of what people could tell of me if they knew about sexual preferences. But i LEARNED. I found the courage to put behind my shoulders the fears of what people could say or think of me. How? I will make you find and experience the same i felt those years by yourself. (RIVEDI QUA) Just by reading my blog and future post I’ll lead you to the happines? Do i sound arrogant? If you found this blog, and arrived to read till here, you are not so different from who i am. You could be may be just interest having sex, and finding your first sexual epxeriences, that understable.But having just sex is the only thing that would make you happy? If is that, you can find it easy everywhere. You jsut have to pay and escort of prostitute, and saddly you’ll find many who will satisfy ur sexual needs without compromising your so-called “ETERO” status by keeping ur affair secret.

( lascia o taglia)So? True happiness? LOVE, that s the key of the true happiness my friend. Sex is just part of it.) If you know that you like Ladyboys, why should you keep it secrect? If you know that you would be happy with a special girlfriend, is it right to give up of being truly happy because you have fear? There we go!

So, yes! I think that i can help you to overcome your fears, paranoia, difficulties and problems for finding your true happines! And who knows? If i succeed, one day you could become my friend and drinking a beer somewhere in Asia with our LAdyboys girlfriends, not minding of the ignorant and homophobic people!

Ladyboy Lover

I mentioned earlier the term of “Trans Oriented Man”. Most people think and say that who like T-girls ( vulgarly called shemale by porn industry ) is a Gay attraction. And that’s why so many men are afraid to of what people could call them if they know about your sexual preferences. Indeed the first reason why you would like to have an experience with a ladyboy is SEX. But, nothing more than that because of what we just stated. And that’s why many trans oriented man out there end to live a sad life, never truly happy with their genetic girls. Forced to live with somebody that you know will never make you completely satisfied, or worse, depressed.

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