Third sex: Loving an Asian Ladyboy

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Did ever heard about ladyboys? Yes? So, i bet the first thing that probably comes to your mind is: Sex…! But? I have something to tell you about these special girls that so many men have fantasies, but actually really few manage to hook up. Most of the fails because they dont know so much about what these ladies expecting from a man and… If they suceeed, the only thing they looking for is just turning sexual fantasy into reality. In both cases, you should follow
what im going to tell in this artitle, that you are new to it or not, im sure i will surprise you ! Ready so? Lets go!

Beyond the mere physical / sexual attraction that you can prove to a woman of the third sex, (thats how ladyboys are also recognized in Asia, as the third gender ), there are reasons probably less known towards the most part of men. (Why having a ladyboy girlfriend is something wonderful? CUT THIS???) Especially if, lets say, you have not had your first experience with a ladyboy. Even if you had one, you could have not experienced yet what really means loving and being loved by an Asian T girl. And when i said LOVE, i do not refer to sex only, but really loving her fo who she is and as your girlfriend and even wife! Why would you love having a special girlfriend as a ladyboy then?


I’m about to give you the most valid and realistic reasons why you will love to have a special girl friend as a ladyboy. Let me introduce youย  first with a little note right here below!

I guess you already heard about ladyboys in Thailand for example? The so called Kathoey or Katoi by local Thai people. Anyway, in whole Asia transgenders are best known as ladyboys. Thailand is just the country from where this name has its origin, and where they are more by numbers of presence. For those who reading my blog by some time, it is not the first time that i touch this topic. In this occasion i want to give you further details that not always comes to my mind to mention… Here it is for you something that maybe you were not even able from far to figure out ๐Ÿ˜‰

Some how i feel excited to talk again about this, it is like a flash back of my first time relationship with a lady boy from Asia.

Ladyboys know to love appassionately

Between many reasons (circumstance) that influence in positive way the passional attitude of ladyboys, is probably the fact that, being (saddly) put in second place of preferences compared to genetic women by men. When they find a partner (man) that shows them true love and genuine feelings, thats finally when they release all their true passion and desire in a mix extremely engagement (fascination?) for a men. Very often you will hear a ladyboy saying “ im saving all my love for the man who will love me“.

Then, to the man who will show them to be ready to accept and love them for who they are, in other words being a transexual, born as biological man, but women in their gender identity (brain). This make them to love their own man in a way particurlary passionated and tender. This, added to the influence of the Asian culture, that in genre makes the women attitude lovely and full of attentions for their man, contribute (donate?) to make ladyboys girls very caring for their husband or boyfriend. And this is a state of course appreciable for many men.

Ladyboys desire a family more than what people belive

This is a very true fact. Probably most of you cant even take in consideration this idea. For many men ladyboys are just object of sexual fantasies, and the ladyboys knows it very well! But… You should know that, beyond all of this, the ladyboys knowing they cant give childrens, very often they are disillused by the idea to have a family as all the couples that love eachother does. At the same way are often disillused by the idea of finding a man who know to love and respect them for who they are, and desiring to create a family with a ladyboy. It is surely a sad given (?), but not all the bad comes for an hurting. (? every cloud has a silver lining ?) <— alternative expression should i use? <– note by andrea)

Ladyboy take care with attention of their look (appearance?)

Another fact very true. Ladyboy appear often so beauty and sexy, just because they care particularly at their aesthetic appearance. Being in transition from male to female, with hormonal cures initially, (HRT: Hormone replacement Therapy), they employ to give their look most feminine possible. Beyond the appereance, even manners and feminine behaviors are particulary accentuated in their way to act. Offcourse they love all what is fashion, nice dresses, sexy clothes, high heels, cosmetic products to take care of the skin and all that can make them more beauty and passable as women. Very often they practice anaerobic sports and care about the diet to maintain their look fresh and fit.

Ladyboys are sexy

For the reasons described above, this make them for sure not just beauti, but also very sexy. In addition to all that said till now, ladyboy loves flirting to put at test (?prove?) their seduction ability (?skill?) with men. Seeing themself appreciated and flattered by a man for many ladyboys is offcourse not always enough. They desire to put at prove their sex appeal and techniques of seduction to have more confirmations as woman, although transgender. Then they applicate a lot to employ sexy manners and exciting for a man, and this is for sure a very interest point! As said a friend of mine ladyboy a day: ” a true woman shouldnt make harder her man’s life… but rahter his attributes!” ๐Ÿ™‚

Ladyboys know well the man body and they know how to please

Being born biologically as man, ladyboys know very well the anatomy of male body. For this reasons their are often really uninhibited e open, sexually speaking. They love to try new things and give themself with self confidence at the most exciting situations. Lets recognize it, many genetic women are not such open at sexuality than how much are layboys in genre. Many man often betray their bilogical wifes because annoied by their sexual routine. This difficultly will happen with a ladyboy! Offcourse, also all of this is always a subjective given, but rarely will happen to you to know a ladyboy limited by old tabรน or bigot!

Ladyboys have high sexual appetite

Between the many reasons that you will appreciate for sure of your sexual life having a relationship with a ladyboy, is their high sexual appetite. Although they are in transition (hormonal cures) to align their phisical look with their own gender identity, then femmininizationing the most possible… In genre hormones apply (employ? make them?) an augmentation of libido for many ladyboys. Offcourse it is a thing very subjective but, in every case, they still have somehow a male part, and thats in genre what makes them to have a libido very similar of a man.

Ladyboys dont have the period and are more avaiable

A small detail that has its importance! Sure some ladyboys may desire becoming a complete woman undergoing sex change surgery. But even in the case, you’ll never hear ” we cant, i ahve the period” o things like that… Also with a neo vagina after the surgery, the mestruation cicle cant be present ( it is note reproducible). Then, they are always avaiable for intimate moments without heavy phisiological obstacles. At the saem way, unexpected pregnancy will be not a problem. If ever you will desire to have baby one day, you can access at the adption process.

Ladyboys are realistic person and down to earth

admitting (given?) the fact that the ladyboy you having a relationship is genuinly in love with you, will be difficult that she will paint castels in the air not so realistic or impossible just to show you always agree with you and make you belive she really loves you. Ladyboys know well how life can be bastard and unfair. They face (encounter) everyday discriminations and social stigmas, more than any other person they know how much bitter the life can be. This make them persons with the feeths on the earth and very straight most of the times. I personally find this trait very common towards the girls of the third sex, and offcourse to me it is a given (detail? fact?) very appreciable.

My Ladyboy

These are for sure the niciest situations having a love realtionship with a ladyboy. If you ahve dicided to find a girl in Asia, and living a serious love relationship with a transgender, or better, a third sex woman, this is what could happen to you in the best of the relationship. And thats it is defenetly non only very exciting, bul also promising! Remember yet, that is not all roses and flowers, use always cautions (wiseness?), and hold your emotions when you are in Asia. That she is a ladyboys or genetic girl, not all of them could always be what they show you. What is important is that you are aware of the positive sides and risks when this is about to let yourself involved in feelings like love. In this blog the content you find, are based on impartial data, are pleasing or displeasing, what has importance it to be aware of what you do, pro and cons, risks and pleasure.

Im sure that if you will get documented in adequate way on the topic, you’ll succeed finding the right ladyboy for you, and you will live your love story with major serenity, and i wish you the more rose and prosperous future possible ๐Ÿ™‚




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